Kambriel (kambriel) wrote,

Projektfest & Doc Hammer Kambriel Portrait

Speaking of Philadelphia ~ who's going to ProjektFest? You have 95 days to plan a trip!

We attended back in 2002 and had a glorious time. That's also when Doc Hammer, Lisa and I took a short break from the Bazaar (where Mors Syphilitica had just performed) to head upstairs... Once there, Doc took some photos with the late afternoon light streaming in from the hotel window. One of these photos ended up over the next few months turning into one of his unbelievable oil portraits (the favour of which was returned with a custom tailored three piece black & white wool herringbone sacque suit). This was before Venture Brothers, and good thing, since goodness know "free time" is not so much in his vocabulary anymore! *Speaking of Venture Brothers, did any of you know my partner C is mentioned in one of the episodes? True!

The portrait (reminiscent of the modern pre-Raphaelite style of their Requiem in White cd paintings) ~ I've never been able to capture the depth and translucent richness of in a photograph, and hesitate posting a picture as it simply doesn't do his work proper justice. I wish you could see the delicate shimmer of genuine gold leaf, his brushstrokes on linen, but hopefully you'll get an idea of his extraordinary talent and skill.

visioluxus ~ do you recognize my dress, based loosely off the Sappho Gown?

All of his portraits of that era felt as if they had tears welled up in their eyes:

Here's another example from that same period of time, and the artist at work.

This photo was taken the day we drove down to NYC to pick up the painting and hand deliver his suit (which also included a jacket):

Fittingly, eight years later, Doc's new band WEEP will be performing at ProjektFest. The event is running July 30-31 (with a Merchants Bazaar on the 31st) (*the fest was changed to a one night event, and Weep had to cancel), which also coincides with Dracula's Ball so you can attend both, should you wish.

~ Kambriel

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