Kambriel (kambriel) wrote,

The Power of Three - Part II

Continuing on yesterday's post beginning the three days of posting three positive things...

Thing the First: Tea. The comfort, the warmth, the simple alchemy that comes from tiny leaves & such steeped in water... Tea provides an opportunity for a few personal moments of quiet meditation in a world where there's always a few dozen more things that need attention at any given moment. Generally I stick to caffeine-free, organic herbal teas. Pure peppermint is a longtime favourite, but I enjoy adventuring off into other blended varieties too. (I couldn't find a photo of tea I'd taken, so this little arrangement of floating flower petals in one of my great-grandparents' tea cups from when they lived in Japan shall suffice.)


Thing the Second: Nature walks. Like tea, it's a brief meditative break from the noise & clutter of life. No matter if it's hundreds of times, it's never the same experience twice. The quality of light filtering through the leaves changes, some days squirrels are frantically chasing eachother, others they are blissing out in a food-eating trance with acorns or the occasional mushroom that they hold as if it's an entire pizza pie. Rarely a snake will cross the path or descend into a tree, sometimes there are other people, sometimes it's completely desolate, damp, and grey. I've gotten to know which waterfront tree with a little ivy covered "alcove" has a blue-tailed skink living in it, where the glossy black stag beetles parade like giants, and where the blue herons land. I've noticed how the Summer cicadas considerately pause their raucous song when anyone passes nearby. The scents change, the temperatures change... It's a perfect way to stay connected to the flow of the seasons and bear witness to the individuality of every passing day.


Thing the Third: Generosity of support. It's like the James Keller quote, "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." On the contrary, like I recently said on Twitter, if you light another & stand together, the glow is twice as bright.


~ Kambriel

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